Sunday, July 16, 2017


"Kenzie" oil on 8x10 board
I am in the process of changing my style, Marcia Mcleary Hodges has been very kind giving me a few tips to try. I had this picture of  Kenzie a little girl that attends Little Green School run by John's granddaughter, Emma. 

Kenzie was mesmerized looking at a pool of water which gave a lot of reflections and was a challenge but the experience has given me an opportunity to peruse this  style , it certainly was fun . 

Small children are curious and full of life, and I hope you can see it in this painting.  

Oil on board 8 x 10.
Thank you Marcia for your help and kindness, and information!


Marcia can be seen here

Friday, April 7, 2017

"Learning Scissor Skills"

"Learning Scissor Skills", oil on 8x10 canvas
To quote his teacher: "he is almost three years old. In this picture he is practicing his scissor skills. This was one of the first times he tried the scissors. That practice paid off as he now often goes home with an envelope of cut up paper bits to show his parents and older siblings. Using the scissors is still one of his favourite activities.  He also loves being snack helper and going on trips to the park."
I found this quite a challenge, but I must admit I did enjoy painting it, children's faces are hard to paint the colours are extremely delicate, and I think the painting captures the moment!


Monday, March 27, 2017

"My Turn Next"

"My Turn Next". oil on 36"x 24" canvas
Started this 2 years ago, and due to a variety of  incidents and house decorating and repair, it got left behind, and then a few weeks ago I managed to start building up the tones and colours.

It was hard work getting back into the routine of painting but I got as far as you can see, much more practice to do but on smaller canvases next!

The original photo I took at the Caledon Equine Centre in Palgrave,  a lovely place to see horses and riders in action and great for photographs.

Next week I'm having a cataract operation so hopefully my left eye will be in tune with my right which should help me concentrate better!


Saturday, March 25, 2017

"Jam Jar Roses"

Jam Jar Roses", oil on 8x10 canvas
A quick study, and it made a change from cats and dogs!


Monday, March 20, 2017


"Ellie", oil on 8x10 board

Ellie is a retriever rescue dog Emma and Justin's second dog who lives with Bentley the St Bernard. 
This painting has taken longer than I expected but decided it was finished,
Sent a copy to Emma and Justin who approved it! Emma said " I think her eyes come off as mischievous and playful, while still being innocent.  Which is exactly how she is."
I was more than happy now it has to dry and framed and hopefully we can pay a visit and deliver the two family fur babies!


Monday, January 23, 2017

"Bentley" the Saint Bernard

"Bentley", oil on 8x10 board


This painting is from a photo, we met Bentley in November when visiting relatives, and he came to greet us !
He is big boy lots of fur and lovely eyes and he has a best friend a golden retriever. They are both lovely furry creatures who were rescue dogs. They are well mannered happy souls both quiet seeing it was the first we had met them! 

I was happy to know they both found their homes and each other for company.

Having  not painting as often as I would like Bentley was quite a challenge but I think I have managed to do justice, it has inspired me to keep paintina little more often!

Owners are Emma and Justin, Emma is John's Granddaughter now a parents of a lovely baby girl so they have their hands full! 


Sunday, October 23, 2016

"Ready for Halloween"

"Ready for Halloween" oil on 8x8 board

A little pug that belongs to a friend and neighbour close by, he is the cutest well dressed dog in the neighbourhood
this little painting I call all ready for Halloween.
Fun to paint!