Saturday, March 25, 2017

"Jam Jar Roses"

Jam Jar Roses", oil on 8x10 canvas
A quick study, and it made a change from cats and dogs!


Monday, March 20, 2017


"Ellie", oil on 8x10 board

Ellie is a retriever rescue dog Emma and Justin's second dog who lives with Bentley the St Bernard. 
This painting has taken longer than I expected but decided it was finished,
Sent a copy to Emma and Justin who approved it! Emma said " I think her eyes come off as mischievous and playful, while still being innocent.  Which is exactly how she is."
I was more than happy now it has to dry and framed and hopefully we can pay a visit and deliver the two family fur babies!


Monday, January 23, 2017

"Bentley" the Saint Bernard

"Bentley", oil on 8x10 board


This painting is from a photo, we met Bentley in November when visiting relatives, and he came to greet us !
He is big boy lots of fur and lovely eyes and he has a best friend a golden retriever. They are both lovely furry creatures who were rescue dogs. They are well mannered happy souls both quiet seeing it was the first we had met them! 

I was happy to know they both found their homes and each other for company.

Having  not painting as often as I would like Bentley was quite a challenge but I think I have managed to do justice, it has inspired me to keep paintina little more often!

Owners are Emma and Justin, Emma is John's Granddaughter now a parents of a lovely baby girl so they have their hands full! 


Sunday, October 23, 2016

"Ready for Halloween"

"Ready for Halloween" oil on 8x8 board

A little pug that belongs to a friend and neighbour close by, he is the cutest well dressed dog in the neighbourhood
this little painting I call all ready for Halloween.
Fun to paint!

Monday, October 10, 2016

"Two Friends"

"Two Friends"  Oil on  8x8 board

Last week  we delivered a painting 8x8 oil on board it was of two horses close together. Our neighbour asked if I could paint it for a close friend who was upset her horse had died suddenly. She had him for 33 years and they were very close.

The picture has a story and made me think how much intelligence horses have.

It seems the horse in the back of the picture is younger a close friend to the older one. It seems if the older horse decided to rest and sit down the younger one stayed close by his side if any other horse came near he would make sure it moved away in short shrift  they were true friends!

My thoughts are we don't know half about animals and their obvious abilities to help and care for their own kind.


PS thank you Marianne giving me the opportunity to pick up the brushes again! 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

"By the Grackle, Schomberg"

By the Grackle! Oil on 8x10 board

Grackle Coffee in Schomberg has fast become very popular,now having a Barista
that serves some of the best coffee the whole of King not only that they encourage
Good Eating and the best selection of ice cream you can imagine.

It's a small place that's fun to visit and enjoy their company , pop in and meet them
it's the Schomberg fair this weekend a great place to visit for a fun day.
John took this picture some time ago, I decided to try a small painting oil on
board 8 X 10. just to show you this little treasure!
Ps the Grackle sign has changed since the photo was taken.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

"The Royal Pug"

"Royal Pug" oil on 8x10 board
Our Blog has been very quiet lately,due to unforeseen ailments along with a broken right shoulder, but we have more or less come through all that, and very grateful to be on the mend enough for brushes and paint to be used!

When I saw this little pug all dolled up in his red scarf and looking quite royal it gave me a smile and a little motivation to paint him on 8x10 board in oils. 

I will say I found the red scarf quite a challenge especially the light and shade to make it look silky.

Hopefully I will get back into the groove and looking forward to what might take my fancy for the next subject.

Meantime John is painting but not on canvas,we decided to paint the stairs not a nice job,but, it's coming along slowly and will perk up the hallway for Spring, he is hoping to finish a large picture half done on the easel since last September

Time flies! 

Thanks for the comments it will,speed me along to bigger things!