Monday, January 23, 2017

"Bentley" the Saint Bernard

"Bentley", oil on 8x10 board


This painting is from a photo, we met Bentley in November when visiting relatives, and he came to greet us !
He is big boy lots of fur and lovely eyes and he has a best friend a golden retriever. They are both lovely furry creatures who were rescue dogs. They are well mannered happy souls both quiet seeing it was the first we had met them! 

I was happy to know they both found their homes and each other for company.

Having  not painting as often as I would like Bentley was quite a challenge but I think I have managed to do justice, it has inspired me to keep paintina little more often!

Owners are Emma and Justin, Emma is John's Granddaughter now a parents of a lovely baby girl so they have their hands full! 


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