Friday, July 19, 2013

Two Big Beauties

11x14 Oil on board

Two big beauties on Windy Hill Farm near Kettleby Ontario.

I was lucky to get permission to use this portrait of  these Horses the breed is called Percherons they are much bigger in real life, and they seem to be very close as a couple or twins. We visited the area and they were out grazing. When one moved the other followed keeping close to one another the whole time, I believe they are used at local fairs, sleigh rides, weddings etc.

They were more than a little difficult to paint those legs,  there seemed to be bit's of them everywhere hiding in the background !
I decided to not give up and find a way to finish this painting. They are magnificent Animals and they looked happy and content in their field. Perhaps one day we might get close up and give them a treat.


Friday, July 12, 2013

The Big Red, a Big Picture

 "The Big Red" Oil on 16x20 canvas

At the beginning of this week I made a decision to go beyond an 11x14 to a 16 x20 I had a photo from Stuart when he took a trip to see an enactment of the 1812 war. It was a boiling hot day with a lot going on especially many horses being used in a lot of the scenes. A lot of cavalry dressed in splendid uniforms. This is a close up of one of those horses I was able to use as a practice with 16 x 20 Canvas.

I must admit that size on an easel looked positively huge in comparison to an 11x14!

With encouragement from John and Stuart to 'go big' and do it.a good experience and practice. So in front of a sketch on the canvas and some music in the background I took the brush paint on and reached out and said to myself  'DO IT'!

I am sure any equestrians look at 'Big Red' (my name for him) will see mistakes, love of horses go deep and owners know every inch of the precious animal ,but,on the whole I believe my interest is becoming avid I enjoyed working with him and hopefully it shows a 16 x 20 was worth the while.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

For the Love of Fred!

"Frederick" oil on 8x10 board
I am finding more and more interest on YouTube, decided to look up horses and was amazed how much info was in it from videos to photo's of all kinds of horses.

I found a video of Frederick the Great. I was blown away by his beauty. He is a Friesian, they were almost extinct not too long ago, hard to believe when you see him in action. He's totally black  with a magnificent main and tail, obviously well groomed. Watching him gallop across a field in slow motion was wonderful to see!

I managed to find a picture that I could try and paint to show how proud and full of life he looks I enjoyed the challenge and will keep him at home!