Friday, July 19, 2013

Two Big Beauties

11x14 Oil on board

Two big beauties on Windy Hill Farm near Kettleby Ontario.

I was lucky to get permission to use this portrait of  these Horses the breed is called Percherons they are much bigger in real life, and they seem to be very close as a couple or twins. We visited the area and they were out grazing. When one moved the other followed keeping close to one another the whole time, I believe they are used at local fairs, sleigh rides, weddings etc.

They were more than a little difficult to paint those legs,  there seemed to be bit's of them everywhere hiding in the background !
I decided to not give up and find a way to finish this painting. They are magnificent Animals and they looked happy and content in their field. Perhaps one day we might get close up and give them a treat.



  1. They are beautiful animals. I have a friend who's husband used to log with a Percheron.
    Lovely painting!!

  2. Lovely painting . You are getting so good at painting horses. Just beautiful animals.