Monday, August 5, 2013

The Mystique of the Arabian Horse

Oil on 8x8 board
The more you look at horses the more you start to realize how many varieties there are.

The Arabians seem to have long slender necks, smaller noses and to me tend to look very much like a ballet dancer floating and  prancing daintily around the arena. They are very intelligent and take commands eagerly. Their eyes especially look huge having a circle of darker hair around the outer part of the eye, it's quite striking.

This young horse had many shades on the coat, I found the light and darkness made lots of shadows and reflections to blend,but, her stance makes her look graceful and ready for action.

Quote "The horse is a gift from God."


  1. I like the composition of this painting . It looks as if the horse has just moved and is more alive as those Arabian horses are. Just a lovely painting and and a lovely creature.

  2. Beautiful horses, aren't they? You certainly capture the spirit and energy here. Well done!