Saturday, August 17, 2013

"Tribble" the Sleepy Dog

"Tribble" oil on 11x14 board

Palgrave  Eventing  August  10 th

A quick decision to have a day out and we watched the goings on of horse and riders going over the jumps. It was a lovely sunny day and we were ambling around the event John taking pictures. When we spotted this little dog sitting in a Golf cart, it seemed  concentrating on the horses and taking it all in probably working out the Points,
I loved this little scrap of humanity he looked like a friendly Tribble from Star Trek

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  1. What a sweetie...a little walking duster!
    I am taking care of my youngest son's Border Collie. She is a sweet dog, but her bark is deafening. I may need hearing aides by the time Monday rolls around! The Newfies barks are loud, but not high pitched and they don't bark that often. Happy Weekend to you both.