Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Communication then and now..

Typing on the IPad
New methods of communication have galloped along at a tremendous rate, at the moment I am writing on the I pad number 1, now after less than a year is out of date. If I wanted to, on this current machine, I could learn the piano, start up an orchestra with any instrument needed, compose then send it out viral. I could learn to paint with an Ap I don't understand, I can find recipes without looking in the many cookery books I have acquired through the years.
It boggles the mind as to how much equipment is current and out of date within a year! #2 I pad came out last week with a camera too, along with many more facilities to crowd into the brain. Incredible and magnificent but can be dangerous!
We see now how we are engrossed in communication whether we need it or not. It has become an addiction!

We grew up in quieter times, to use a telephone was for an emergency making a trip usually a mile away to find the red telephone box and make the call having to have the required amount of change in a box and often be cut off after three minutes!

News, weather forecast etc was on a radio, made of some type of
wood, valves wires and a big plug in the wall, it sat in a corner waiting to be turned on early evening ready for the Evening news or light entertainment like the Archers or for excitement Journey into Space of course for grown ups it was The Man in Black very scary.

Our daily local news I found was to go shopping then it was social time, between the butcher and the veg shop. Many stops along the High Street to catch up with the local gossip in the area. We would actually talk one on one.

Now relationships with family, neighbours and friends is mostly on Wi/Fi satellites buzzing around with the astronauts for company! it all can be extremely useful or on the verge of a nervous break down. We have all sorts of Gurus to help us through the stress of our new inventions, anything from meditation to going to an Ashram and trying to find yourself!
Marital Bliss

Still I am very glad, I do love my I pad that way I can keep up with the families and what they are doing on Facebook! My son calls me the Creeper! no one has time for visiting, folk having to work two jobs to make ends meet and no time to relax with the family. Have we taken the wrong fork in the road?

We have now expanded our network!
Check out our new WIP about our expierience with painting and art. It has been working for just
a few weeks and we have already have friends.
Thanks to our friends who pop in to see how we are progressing.


  1. Very interesting John. As for the "fork in the road", I think taking the new fork makes us appreciate the old fork and what we had there, something the young of today don't get to experience.

  2. Some of the new technology and our dependence on it worries me. It's wonderful and frightening at the same time. I am concerned that young people have no clue about what it means to either be alone, or have the ability to spend time in SILENCE.
    Having said that, I love the photo of Marital Bliss. Side by side with the box of tissues, and where is the IPad for the poor dog?
    Best to you both!