Friday, September 2, 2011

The Three of Us!!!

We will take a walk down Church Street
On the 12th September we will be at the airport to meet my sister, Josephine, she is the youngest. Her first visit was about this time last year. Since emigrating in 1969 there were a lot of years we didn't communicate to that extent. Maybe the occasional phone call or letter just to keep in touch.

Then 2009 our father was Ill and  in hospital  so I took the trip home and stayed with Jo for 7 weeks dealing with hospitals and travelling on the tube almost everyday we caught up on our lives.

We realized during my stay that we had a lot in common and were able to understand that family is very important. We decided to keep in touch more often and arranged her first trip, staying for 4 weeks in 2010 Her stay with us was a quiet one on the whole, no big trips to the city and more or less keeping pretty close to home.

We all love fresh food
John (my husband) found having two sisters together wasn't as bad as he thought it might be!
All three of us are interested mainly in good food and art. As it turned out a good combination, we all took turns in cooking the main meal and starting a family club of sorts. John, over the years, had painted a few pieces, Jo had taken a course many years before and had painted miniatures in oils and did quite well I had always been interested in painting but had not gone very far with it. We had our barn set up as a studio with the canvases, oils and easels and for some reason we enjoyed the experience getting Jo interested in our hobby.

During the few short weeks we made a pledge to work on painting and setting up a blog so that we could keep in touch and show our work off to each other. This has progressed like wild fire. John getting down to painting the Main Street of our village, Jo taking up a course with her daughter in London  and me at the rear and doing 6x6 peanut paintings with Carol Marine and many other folk on her blog. This has encouraged me to keep striving towards better work sister Jo keeping me company on the challenges when she could.

Walking by the Coffee shop
Last weekend our local coffee shop 'the Grackle Coffee Company kindly gave us permission to show our work. We feel in one year we really have done well and excited about this upcoming visit.

And Jo's daughter's dog will be waiting for her return!
No doubt with lots of good food, a few glasses of wine, painting in the barn and a few visits for coffee with the local Artisans at our local Grackle Coffee shop. Just right for at this time of year for the three of us upstarts to enjoy the fall treats and family get together.
See you soon Sis !

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  1. I am so glad to hear that your sister is coming.
    What wonderful times you will all have;good food, good conversation and lots of painting.
    Have a wonderful time you three.