Friday, December 21, 2012

Nipper the Coon Cat

"Nipper" the Coon cat 8x8 oil on board

This is Nipper, a Coon cat, that was rescued from the wild in 1998 but went missing in 2008, the owner has commissioned me to paint his portrait along with three other of her cats.
Nipper was a big cat and one of the Coon family a breed brought over on ships many years ago from Europe. They are friendly and can be very large compared to other breeds this one has many colours in his coat and beautiful long whiskers. They come in many colours this one I think is special and looks like he has plenty of character.  I really  enjoyed painting him.


  1. A lovely painting and you have captured the look of a coon cat exactly. They always seem to have that wariness in their eyes, kind of semi wild.

  2. Oh, dear...I sent an email and it bounced back. Hope all is well and it was just my ignorant self.
    Love to both of you, Ellen.