Monday, February 23, 2015

"Hay, What do you want?"

"Hay, what do you want?" Oil on 11x14 board

Dog Tales & Rescue Sanctuary.
They are located in King Township, a very interesting animal rescue place.

This latest painting of two retired horses attracted me, again  borrowing the picture from Barry Wallace our roving pro photographer of King Township. This year Barry has braved the exceptional  icy weather and taken some incredible photo's one of which has given me the opportunity to paint just one of them. He gives a story of our area in pictures from the past and what we were and what is happening for the future. We are fortunate to live in this area combining History and the future and some fun ones too.

I enjoyed the working on this painting (11 x 14) although it was a challenge
Thank you Barry for sharing.

Barry Wallace has a blog here:

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