Sunday, May 24, 2015

"Dandelion a Welsh cross filly with Mom"

"Dandelion a Welsh cross filly with Mom", oil on 11 x1 14 board

A story about Dandelion .

A friend Marie Beard who owns horses posted a photo of Dandelion a Welsh cross filly with Mom on Face book a few weeks ago, I really liked the look of the photo and decided to paint it.

Dandelion was born at Foresthaven Farms Ltd Puslinch Ont they breed and sell Westphalian horses.
Marie luckily knows the owner and sent a message mentioning I had painted the picture and sent a copy of it to Melanie Michael to see of she liked the painting. Melanie was quite enthusiastic and really liked what she saw and was interested in purchasing, which really pleased me.

We have received an invitation to visit the Farm a great opportunity to deliver the painting and see the real deal! we are looking forward to meeting  Melanie Et al and enjoy seeing the horses, of course we will take the Camera!
It should be an interesting experience meeting another breed of horse and a day trip out!

Foresthaven Farm can be seen here:


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

"Who are You?"

"Who are You?" oil on 8x10 board
North Halton Kitten Rescue.

We have a lot of admiration for this rescue they work extremely hard to save many kittens and cats over a year. This particular little one really went straight to my heart, his expression did it for me.  He was found with his sister who is all black they were  in pretty poor shape when found but the Rescue girls took them in and now look  healthy and ready  to love. They were out and about last weekend
this picture shows how cute they all are:

I hope they will all find their homes and live a comfortable and happy life! can you pick him out?

He is quite a colourful  kitten and very difficult to get his fur/whiskers looking quite right with perseverance I think the result looks like him it's the eyes though that makes him special .  

I believe the kittens picture was taken just after they were brought to the Rescue Centre he's growing very quickly.
8 x 10 oils on board.


North Halton Kitten rescue can be seen here: