Monday, October 10, 2016

"Two Friends"

"Two Friends"  Oil on  8x8 board

Last week  we delivered a painting 8x8 oil on board it was of two horses close together. Our neighbour asked if I could paint it for a close friend who was upset her horse had died suddenly. She had him for 33 years and they were very close.

The picture has a story and made me think how much intelligence horses have.

It seems the horse in the back of the picture is younger a close friend to the older one. It seems if the older horse decided to rest and sit down the younger one stayed close by his side if any other horse came near he would make sure it moved away in short shrift  they were true friends!

My thoughts are we don't know half about animals and their obvious abilities to help and care for their own kind.


PS thank you Marianne giving me the opportunity to pick up the brushes again! 

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