Friday, February 25, 2011

Hobbies where do they come from?

Crochet in progress
It's February in Ontario, still lots of snow around, but, there is the beginning a hint of warmer weather to come. The birds are singing a little louder and a couple of woodpeckers enjoy the suet square, not much left now, they seem hungry and busy.

It's that time of year to think of tidying cupboards and drawers to see what I have managed to squirrel away for another day, or it might come in handy (one day).

I have a stash of stuff, hobbies that keep coming and going in my life. Now and then I get an urge during the winter months to find a piece of material, my favourite is drop cloths you buy to cover furniture when decorating. I can cut the cloth without feeling guilty and make small cushions, I embroider quotes on them or make up a pattern that takes my fancy, I have a few left, handy for a quick gift.
Embroidered pillow

I love to crochet with cotton thread making mostly small tablecloths as table toppers, very old fashioned these days, I was very ambitious one year and made a couple of bed covers, one of which I kept, the other is in UK on a bed in the guest room, quite proud of that surprisingly.

Knitting socks on four needles, mother taught me that, Granma showed the way to crochet and my Aunt Olga, every Sunday after tea, would teach me stitches of embroidery. Back then embroidery seemed to consist of crinoline ladies holding umbrellas in a flower garden. it was worked on linen for dressing tables or tray clothes. My sister introduced me to tatting I use a needle, but she uses the correct tool for the job and does marvellous work it looks very much like lace.

Three Bears
I have many samples of "stuff" in a cupboard that John won't go near. It consists of old magazines, knitting patterns, and crochet along with samples of work, and some Teddy bears I made. I know very soon I shall have to bite the bullet and have a clear, out at the moment I can hardly close the door!

My daughter has hobbies which unfortunately come and go, she does some embroidery, tried knitting too but never is able to have the time to do justice to her efforts, however she is a super photographer, and  she has a talented eye for it and it doesn't take up space, That is a good hobby. may be down the road she will have a cupboard like mine and wonder where her hobbies come from!
Schomberg Fair by Lisa


  1. Your hobbies sound a lot of fun and far more interesting than mine. However I do have a couple of cupboards, full of odds and ends which will one day become projects of one sort or another. Just when is unknown!

  2. Your crocheting is lovely. I can make a granny square, but not much more. Your daughter' photo is really wonderful. I love how she concentrated on the hooves of the horses.
    Thanks for the visit and kind comments. We are pouring down rain right now.

  3. What a creative person you are babs, your comment on knitting socks on four needles, reminds me of our Grandma who always had a pair of socks on the go, she used to pull them out of her bag, and sit and knit without ever looking at her work, I did learn but like Lisa, I never seem to stick at any hobbies long enough to become an expert. I do admire other peoples work though, and Emilia has a set of your teddies in her bed room, so your work travels. Keep it up.