Saturday, March 5, 2011

Old but not yet Masters

Tomatoes by John
When we are not blogging or doing household chores we paint, currently John is painting the bedroom walls, but the real painting we enjoy is on canvas or board.

Both of us have a keen interest in painting anything from landscapes to grandchildren. We must admit we are a little late in our lives to take up the task of trying to make a masterpiece, but, what the heck we thought we'd have a go, and set off 5 years ago to a place in Barrie that was just the job for art supplies, Currys. Going through the door we felt a bit like a couple of old farts that should know better. It was quite an experience picking out canvas, paints and a few brushes.

After paying for our new hobby we got home and Babs realized although loving art she never had worked on canvas or used oil paint! John had done a fair bit of painting in the 70's and we had a few pieces of his work hung up in our kitchen. So at least one of us had a clue!
Tomatoes by Babs
Our first attempt was to paint some tomatoes on the vine, and after a lot of trepidation we  took the plunge with  tiny brushes and small canvases! After a few tries we realized Van Gogh doesn't live here. Babs is what you might call very parsimonious with the paint and not a loose painter either her tomatoes could have been mistaken as red currants as they were so tiny! John on the other hand with great gusto did the same picture and came up with beautiful glowing red orbs of juiciness with lovely green leaves they looked good enough to eat.
Since then we have progressed John more experimental and looser with painting and Babs still berating the fact that talent isn't the word she could use for her efforts, but being determined and stubborn she tries, cries and tries again!

We encourage one another to continue, which is wonderful and it's amazing really  how we both enjoy the practice and effort to turn out our creations. We know deep down our families think we are eccentric but, manage to give us some praise for our efforts when they see our latest product!

One stroke challenge by Babs
One stroke challenge by Jo

One stroke challenge by John

Church Street in fall by John
Over the last few weeks Babs, and her sister Jo in England, are working in the style of Carol Marine doing 6x6 paintings in as loose a style as possible, while John is doing a series on the village where we live, Schomberg.
Doing art is good for the spirit and an excellent way to manage daily discipline.
Give it a go it‘s good for you at any age!.
Lemons in a glass by Babs

Coffee, cherries & cake by Jo

Flossie by Jo


  1. Oh, my goodness, but I think all three of you are marvelous!

  2. Soup question answers:I only put a little chili power in and just a few pepper flakes so that it was not spicy hot at all. Kombu is a dried seaweed. It's good for you and I don't think it made any flavor difference at all.
    I was looking for an email address for you, but couldn't find one, so replied here.
    Hope your weather is improving!
    Best to you both, e.

  3. What interesting blog, such wonderful paintings, you all are truly talented people. How do you find time to do such work, and blog as well. Keep it up, you will sooon be painting in the sunshine