Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The New Year Update

Well it has been a month since I last did the blog!

I want to report that we have been quite busy with our paintings, John mostly doing bigger canvases of the area Schomberg Main Street mainly. We figured our little village has jumped so quickly into a busy place. Main Street is now flooded with parked cars from shops and the tenants from the apartments.
Main Street East

Big Stores are now moving in and Main Street is changing rapidly. So before we have been taken over and become a big Town John thought it was worth painting as it was when we moved here 15 years ago. 

My brushes have been busy with small 8x10 & 8x8 boards painting many pictures of rescue dogs and pets of the area. This kept me busy before Christmas, some for gifts and some commissions.

A friend has been a foster care for Rescue places taking in dogs and training them with a hope they will find a 'Forever Home'. I have become quite passionate with the animals and now donate 20% of any paintings I sell. Just hope it will help with the cost no matter how small or large the donations become!

I had a surprise call yesterday and am now waiting for a lady who will be looking at my work with a view to commissioning 1 horse one pony and 2  cats!
I am excited and amazed that it has gained interest, people seem to like paintings of animals, "the eyes say it all" one person said.

I shall keep in touch letting you know now things are going. fingers crossed!



  1. I'm keeping my fingers crossed as well for you. Lovely paintings.

  2. Your portrait of Lolly is wonderful.
    I hope that your Main Street doesn't change too much. I guess it's good to capture it as it's been. Sigh, some changes are hard to accept.
    Crossing my fingers for you too.