Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pet Appreciation

"Professor: 8x10 oil on board
Spring has arrived early, well no snow since March more April Showers but our first Daffodils are out and the days are lighter.

Since my last post I have been painting quite a few dog rescues along with some Commissions which I found enjoyable. So much to learn about our furry friends. I have become quite passionate about animal rescue, through a couple of close friends I really had a wake up call about so much Cruelty and abuse that happens to so many creatures.

Pheobe in 2007
I must admit I have never been keen on "getting involved" but since Dudley has gone we realized how much we miss him, daily walks every day kept us fit and his company kept us going for ten years. Our decision was not to replace him, mainly because of our age. We now have a only one furry friend left Phoebe a black cat. She has suddenly become quite dominating and meows for her food and a bit of comfort sitting next to us in the evening for a while before she retires to her big fluffy pillow! She wasn't so keen on Dudley he was a big boy so she tended to keep a friendly distance.

Facebook in the meantime has introduced us to a different set of rules. Having a friend Erika in Ontario and Shirley in Texas, both who are definitely into Saving any dog or cat in their districts, both have accumulated quite a few pets over the years saving them from certain death. 
Erika last year became a foster Mum to a huge dog called The Professor,  he used to take her for long walks ! That started me on a quest I just had to paint him, he had a look about him that suited his name! luckily he was adopted to a lovely couple and has his for ever home.

Since then I have painted commissions and painted rescue dogs who are looking for a home. I have donated many paintings and have managed to donate to Auctions. 

"Huck" Still in adaption process
Only one thing that can really upset my apple cart there are so many beautiful dogs and cats needing homes I tend to yearn for a dog but, my intention is not to weaken and pursue painting these beings and hope to save one dog or cat at a time donating to as many Volunteer Organizations who' bless Em,'work very hard looking after the ones that aren't so lucky and keeping vet bills paid for the abused and suffering this includes Puppy Mills from many parts of Ontario.
 ADOPT a dog you will never regret it!!

Dudley was a rescue and he was worth his weight in gold.
You can see some paintings on my blog ASA. Art saves Animals


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  1. Great Blog Barbara. Thanks for the nice thing s you said and I realize i have been doing this animal rescue work for over 30 years and on and off before that as well.
    Keep painting as you do a terrific job and I am sure all the owners will really appreciate your paintings especially as their pets go on to the Rainbow bridge.