Saturday, May 26, 2012

The World, The Monk, May and Me.

A Journey in May by Lisa 
Earlier this May I decided I wanted to buy a book, for summer reading I had not made up my mind on the subject to choose I know I like stories about life and people's experiences, We were in Chapters for ten minutes while waiting for John's son Paul to arrive at the bus station. I wandered over to Self Helpshelf which is very popular these days, I had a feeling somehow I was going in the right direction. I picked out "The Monk who Sold his Ferrari" by Robin Sharma, I didn't know how much this book would help me!

May for my birth family has a flaw in it, for some reason it seems to be an unlucky month. Grandfather wanted the month to go by as quickly as possible. As it turned out he died in that May, since then mother and father died on the 15th  As a result our remaining family is left with a certain amount of superstition we chose to ignore.

In early May I had an appointment for a check up which included a Mammogram no problem there I felt fit as a fiddle, no little voice in my ear this time, unless I hadn't listened!

My Doctor was 90 percent sure the tumor they found was cancer, and since then a biopsy confirmed that. 

I started on the weekend to read the Monk book it is a good read even if you don't believe in self help, lots of tips for us humans in this day and age to understand we can have a life and enjoy it free from our existing day to day worries by training your mind away from negativity and the race for having all the bells and whistles necessary to cope, 

I think how the speed of life has carried us far too quickly along a wrong path. I feel strongly enough that when your body becomes toxic we have to have courage to go through healing even if it is difficult and an anxious time for all, it's worth trying to make things better than do nothing! 

I have the same feeling too that is where our precious world is right now, toxic, ailing and needing some sort of loving care. Even our Governments can't get to grips with what is happening! We have one world it Needs Help it's a living thing after all! 

One thing I know we have choices, and the Monk was able to give some valuable information on the ability for humans to step back and do a reality check on not only our minds and our spirit but our bodies too. Our fragile world needs similar changes to get back to health. 

I know I have to reprogramme, concentrate and be consistent with keeping out negativity from my mind and work on life skills and the information I have been reading. Believe it or not it seems to be working a lot of effort to stay on track but little by little I can have hours of feeling grateful and have the opportunity to really work at being fully alive calm and enjoy hours of pleasure with family and friends and my passion for painting will keep me grounded. 
For me I thank family,friends and yes Oprah for showing me a good happy and meaningful time for the future whether short of long it's a good life people let's make the most of our selves and help this beautiful planet we live on! 
Will keep in touch as I progress.

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  1. A great positve piece Barbara. I am a great believer in 'mind over matter" and I think you will be fine.Keeping thinking good thoughts and of course painting.
    Loved this.