Thursday, July 5, 2012

Schomberg, where we live.

.... is a small village about 45 minutes drive  North West of Toronto.
Main Street looking South
It has a Main Street, Church Street, Western Avenue, and of late a whole lot more streets in the new developments.

Schomberg Mill at the North end of Main Street,
has a Pub and Tea Room

The Tea Room (Sheena's Kitchen)

Church Street where we live
Church Street in Fall looking East
Our place in Winter (yes this is Canada)

The "Barn" at the back where we have our Studio
Dufferin Marsh
... right in the centre of Schomberg is an environmental delight, full of wild life.
A wild and Goosey Place

And we can skate there in Winter. Actually those that don't skate just paint the scene!

Lots more to show.. maybe another day

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  1. Lovely John. Should make all kinds of people want to move there !!
    Lovely colors in the Fall scene.Makes me want to paint it.!!