Sunday, September 2, 2012

Struggling Artists & Studios

Where we started: in the dinette

Over the last seven years as we have struggled learning how to paint, we have moved from room to room. We started in the back room where we dine when it's just the two of us, but as our canvases grew and paint supplies increased we had to find more space so we moved over to the barn, which I used to use as a photo studio, but once I retired I could free up the space to the aspiring artists,

The Barn, our Summer workplace.

So we painted quite happy in there till we got the gas bill in February and found the inefficient 120 year old barn was costing us a fortune to heat!
Converted Bedroom this is my side, Babs is on the other
So we converted a bedroom into a studio/office, all it needed was some fluorescent lights hanging and away we went till Summer came and the bedroom got to hot so back to the barn. Now we use the barn from May to October and the house during the winter months.
Fortunately our easels are quite light.
We even have been known to paint outside, we did Plein Air twice! 

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  1. Is that a photo of "you two"? I hope so, because I can now say that I have seen you.
    Love to you both, Ellen.