Monday, September 17, 2012

The Great Love of Art and Painting

John's copy of painting by B C Liston
Babs' copy of "Matisse" by Derain
Experience is everything and most of all these days the 
opportunity to indulge in creativity is very popular. The hardest part is looking at people's likes and dislikes through the ages.

On a few occasions we have gone out on a limb and decided to copy a famous portrait. this as it turns out makes me wonder about our sanity, we must be raving mad to even try to copy a classic.

I think it is in us as always a challenge we must do . We call it "Good for the Soul" or worse "It looks easy I'll have that done in a week or two!" But that's the rub after canvas has been prepared and paint colours worked out on the pallet you sit at the easel and wonder what gave you the gall to even consider such a thought.never the less the brush is waiting and you decide to "go for it". Like the charge of the light brigade your brain starts talking well you're in for it now! let's get cracking.

Warning do not try this unless you want to experience anguish, frustration and a messy canvas you will be out of your depth! Especially if you are a wannabe like me keep to simple things unless you can afford to pay for tuition Don't give up and the more you paint the more you see the more you read and look at other artists going through the same trauma and come to the decision you have taken up the gauntlet and you can't give up painting now you invested in easel paints and brushes and besides you like the experience of going to Curry's Art shop and see all the goodies and feel rather satisfied with yourself picking up a few more pieces to go home and try again, it's. right brain thing and good for the soul striving for that special feeling to achieve something you never thought you could.


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