Monday, September 10, 2012

I love tomatoes, but do they love me?

Every day I can eat a dozen cherry size so every day they produce 40, and that is too many for my consumption, But they know what they are doing, the more I cannot take the more goes to the ground as seed for next years plants and so they are fulfilling their purpose, which is to procreate, and I'm not part of the process, I am an enemy.

The big tomatoes have a different strategy, they hang on the vine pretending to be green, they never ripen until I go away for a day then they fall off and sacrifice themselves to the slugs.
I also find when I go to the vines, carrying my little harvesting basket, I can pick all I can see, then a few minutes later I might pass by them again as I mow the grass and suddenly I can see hundreds of the damn things,
They are playing Hide and Seek!
Tomatoes are very Saucy!



  1. Glad to see you are blogging again John. our last tomato was in June I think since then just burned out plants.
    Still I just love tomatoes. one of the best fruits/vegetables.

  2. I would like to comment that John used Epsom salts every other weeks 2 tablespoons per bush followed by a good watering