Monday, September 24, 2012

July Morning on Main Street

14x18 inches oil on canvas
I was attracted to the early morning light in the alley on Main street Schomberg.
The alley is between the old De Router's Mill and Grackle Coffee shop. Over the decades the buildings on Main Street seemed to have crept closer together and it is difficult to distinguish one side from the other.

The hard part of the painting was the dapple on the floor, but it got done after several attempts, one of the good things about oil paint you can have another go... eventually!



  1. The shadow effects look fine to me John. I reaaly like the shadow of the railings. I can imagine that was hard to paint as well.
    Still high summer here !!

    1. Thanks Shirley, yes the railing was a bit difficult, I might have to soften the shadow of it a little.
      Nice an Fallish here