Saturday, September 22, 2012

Flake White Paint and Me!

8x8 oil on board
I bought this paint as an experiment, I usually use titanium white and read the Flake white is a better mixing paint. Flake White contains lead and is not a healthy choice but many painters use it.

It has been with me for many weeks just sitting there in my egg box daring me to work with it, and on Monday I took the plunge and tried to put it on the pallet, but  you have to be a strong arm woman, it's very thick it certainly doesn't ooze. It was do or die and I managed to paint a Westi with a lot of effort and this is the result.

I did get used to the thickness and it does bring out a nice texture, but, I know I have lot of practice to get it right but any help out there or comments would be appreciated?

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