Friday, April 26, 2013

What's her Problem?

"What's her problem" oil on 11 x14 panel
Black and white dogs.

I have had this photo for a long time and just thought it was about time I should try painting in black and white. I like the composition and feel a lot of expression are coming from the puppies.

Just caught in a moment it looks as though Lola is having a good laugh and her mate looking on quizzically as if to say 'what are you laughing at'?

The painting went reasonably well but, I missed the colour hoping
the background isn't too fussy spoiling the picture.



  1. You are brave painting 2 black and white dogs. black is so difficult to capture the light I find.
    I think the front dog is good but oveshadowed by the the background somewhat.

  2. Me gusta como quedaron los dos perros en blanco y negro, no creo que sea el fondo el problema , se luciría más la obra si tuviera más espacio en la parte superior de la escena, buen trabajo!

  3. Love the expressions and I love the shine on their coats.
    I know that my Newfoundland dogs are almost impossible to photograph..being all black.
    Love to you both.