Monday, May 6, 2013

Charlie & Woody

"Woody & Charlie" 11x14 oil on board
Charlie chocolate lab and Woody English lab.

I had painted a picture some years ago of these two boys when Woody had just joined the family. We were amazed that Charlie was obviously quite happy to befriend little Woody and this was the result. Since of course little Woody has fully grown and his personality is vastly different from Charlie who is of the more nervous variety and not fond of water, while Woody is always carrying his ball as soon as he hits the grass he's ready for a play for hours if that was possible. Charlie however is quite content to sit by anyone and watch the goings on.

The reason I have worked on this second painting was to to see the difference of style and Hopefully increased ability of Painting. I know I am tooting my own horn but, the family have awarded me encouragement to keep my practice up.

That's a good sign I think!



  1. Sweet dogs. I love this one. They look so happy together. Sometimes different personalities balance each one least I know that is true about my husband and me. Polar opposites...Ha!
    Hope you both are having a lovely spring. Kelleygreen Nursery (ours) shipped a bunch of stuff up your way a while ago..I forget the name of the nursery, but I know it's where you live. Talk about coincidences.
    Much love, Ellen.

  2. What a lovely study and just how the dog sleep together,
    I think painting 2 dogs together is quite a challenge .
    I like the colors as well. They go so well together.