Friday, May 17, 2013

"Willow" Smile for Me!

"Willow" Oil on 8x10 board

I met Willow a lovely lab at our Local Potters Studio last year, I had decided to work on some pots for fun. Holly, the potter, would let Willow come into the studio and after some attention to us Students she would settle on her bed in a corner of the room, dozing as she listened to us girls chatting away quite content.

I loved her colour and her enthusiasm, bright button eyes just sparkling and full of fun.

It went through my mind I would like to try and paint her if I ever got the chance. That came when I asked Holly if I could have some pictures of her horse Sequoia, Wanting to get a close up of her for painting or
practice painting her.

We managed to pick a bright sunny morning and met Holly at the Stables, as it turned out Holly, Willow and Sequoia were already out in the sunshine. Willow gave us a great welcome,as Labs do, then off she went for her morning run around.

John took pictures of Sequoia and then had the opportunity to catch Willow just right. So I was happy with our trip going home with some good pictures.

I have a Favourite site a couple who live in Wales making a super job of their work painting animals very realistically. Pet Portraits by Melanie & Nick.

My paintings have a long way to go but, I would love to achieve a similar style. Willow's painting is far from looking "like" it seems. We all have our own style of a painting,

Willow's coat was interesting to work on the more I looked the more subtle colour came through. lavender grey, tones of sienna mixed with white and yellow ochre. generally I think there is a good likeness, I have to practice squinting and recognizing subtlety of lights and darks. It never ends!

The more you know the more you realize the process is never ending. It must be a passion !


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  1. Just a great painting and a good looking lab. You have done a wonderful job on the most difficult parts the eyes and the teeth.
    Holly should be very pleased with this one.