Sunday, May 12, 2013

Christmas Gift Erected and 11 Apartments to Rent!

Bird House with 11 apartments and free suet balls every day!
 Christmas Gift Erected and 11 Apartments to Rent!

We were given a very interesting gift at Christmas a beautiful Bird House, a replica of our own house. However we  couldn't use it till Spring this week,  but on Thursday afternoon a deep hole was dug and a  large wooden 4x4 post erected. A hand made base was fitted to support the house and voila there it was in all it's splendour: a residence  for Purple Martins.

Hanging from the base are two wooden birds holding suet balls.

We are trying to encourage the Martins as it seems they are very keen on Mosquitoes, but birds of any sort really which certainly will be great for us, the flight path is pretty good for easy access, and water is available from the nearby pond which hopefully all goes towards having a comfortable residential apartments with all facilities!

Our son in law Darryl has made a super job and it makes the garden bright and cheerful.
Thanks Darryl, we will enjoy watching the birds in our Guz Over (canopy) while having a cool drink and taking it easy.

Babs & John


  1. It really is a super bird house and so cleverly made. I am sure you will have birds flocking in to rent!!

  2. It's absolutely wonderful and if that is what your house looks like, you have a beautiful home. If I were a bird I'd be moving in right now and feathering my nest!