Thursday, June 27, 2013

About Horses

"Secoya" oil on 8x10 board

I must admit I love horses from Clydesdale to mini and anything in-between.  Somehow I have found a young lady in the UK who is an equestrian artist. She is on Facebook Laura Barber Riley I have started to follow her mainly because she is passionate about horses. Her work and the energy she has is inspiring. She paints pleine air and loves it. I asked how she is able to paint such lively painterly horses so well. Her answer was almost too simple, "practice everyday and eventually you'll get it!" Her passion and gift of painting shows in her work.

Being a little on the impatient side (mentioned before) when I paint, it's almost as though I have to rush I decided to take things a little easier, a horse has many subtle shapes in it's face and bone structure and it took time for me to concentrate on each step.

Having had the opportunity to have close up of photo's I have been practising and looking more and there
seems to be an improvement (I hope it's noticeable!) I enjoyed the practice and took my time!


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  1. just lovely Barbara. He is a beautiful horse. they are such lovely creatures and you are good at capturing the eyes .