Saturday, September 21, 2013

"A Bit of Peace before the Jumping"

"Grazing" oil on 14x18 canvas
At Palgrave 

We went to Hunter class jumps, this was a moment of opportunity for a little leisure and a nibble of fresh grass, for the horse!. We don't know his name but thought it was a pleasant moment, he was with his owner who was in deep conversation. He is a big horse but had a gentle look about him. So he was the one I picked for a painting.

A couple of things I have noticed is the colours you can see in the hair so many hues in the body which took a while to work out. I was able to get the paint in the right places and then left it to dry for a while to do the background that seemed to take a little longer than expected
I tried some different effects but in the end I did the back ground as the picture looked, more of less.

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  1. Great painting Babs and your horse looks a lot more solid and probably lifelike than the one I did in watercolor. Just lovely blending of the colors on the coat.