Monday, September 2, 2013

Loosy Goosy and Mrs Uptight !

"Walking to the Start" by John oil on 16x20 canvas
"Dressage" by Babs oil on 11x14 board
Having worked at painting for a few years now we both know we have developed a different style in the way we paint. It's been frustrating and interesting seeing how our practice pictures as we call them are morphing into a pattern over the past few weeks. We had different like and dislikes in what we painted.
Recently we have had some success painting a variety of horses.

John decided to join me in an experiment going to a few Equine events at Caledon Equine Park just to see what happens and to get a feel for the atmosphere and taking pictures. We worked on an idea for both of us to paint similar scenes, however, John is more  interested in scenes of horses and riders preparing for the event while I am practising more on the team (horse and rider) must add we know nothing about the actual Sport so it 's been fun learning about the skills necessary to take the shots and time the jumps or watching dressage with concentration.

We are posting two pictures to show you what we have achieved so far, of course with some artistic license!
Jumps are incredible to watch but for working to make the horse shine we decided to eliminate some  equipment they have on the field for jumping its almost like a jigsaw puzzle!  and dressage a lot of concentration for shots.

The Caledon Equine Park is in a beautiful location, magnificent sky bordered by lovely forests which both add to the final picture!


  1. Both are great paintings and yes you do have different styles but both have captured the event very skillfully.

  2. You both absolutely amaze me. Have you both been painting all of your life, or did you just "fall" into it at some point? Were you both artists when you first met and married? All of this fascinates me. What a team you are!