Wednesday, December 11, 2013


"Fenja" oil on 11x14 board
Fenja is a special Icelandic pony at Onice Farm

She is 26 years old, a Mom, Grandmother and Great-grandmother. She was the first pony at Onice farm. A special horse for the family.

I chose to paint her mainly because of the challenge, a lovely colour on a background of snow, certainly a good time of year, almost Christmas like.

Fenja gave me a few problems concentrating on her top coat of the season. The fur tended to vary with reflections from the snow and then a lot of snow covering her coat a real challenge to work on and make it look  real. Quite a few brushes were tried with not very much success,but, eventually at a distance the picture seemed to work!              



  1. Great job. The ears are really good. It looks just like snow on them.
    very Christmassy. Looks like a lovely horse.

  2. I think it's fantastic.
    Hope you both are well. We have had snow on the ground for days and below freezing temps!