Saturday, December 21, 2013

House in the Woods

House in the woods, oil on 11x14 board
This was a commission finished a few weeks ago. It was quite a challenge painting from an old 4x6 photo, but as I got into it I began to enjoy the process, trying to paint as fast and loose as possible.

The dappled shadows were the big challenge!

The client was delighted which made my day and from the fee we made a donation to North Halton Kitten Rescue:



  1. Looks a lovely place definitely my kind of place to live.
    I can see what you mean about the shadows but that's what makes it interesting.
    Thanks for helping the kitties.

  2. Hi I am a volunteer with the North Halton Kitten Rescue. We thank you for your very generous and thoughtful donation to our worthy cause of rescuing kittens! It was very kind of you! Your paintings are beautiful, very colourful and thought-provoking! Sincerely, Elizabeth Bolton