Friday, January 3, 2014

Here's Looking at You!

"Here's Looking at You!" oil on 11x14 board
A start to 2014

This picture is an experiment for a really good close up of An Icelandic pony in winter. The purpose was giving me the opportunity to work on horses eyes and dabble in working on their thick fur in the winter. They almost have a look of a cave man drawing.

Knowing a little about the Iceland ponies they are lucky their top coat is water proof and a thick underlay of soft fur protects them from severe winter weather, even so I will be relieved when the weather gets a little warmer.

I must admit right now being well below zero degrees and today a bone numbing freezing cold minus 26 degrees which has triggered Ice quakes over  the last few day's I have been thinking a lot about all animals outside in this weather.

This year we sure are having one heck of a winter!

The original photo was taken at Onice Horse Farm:

Friday January 3rd



  1. A very interesting photo and painting. You have done a great job with the eye and the coat. It makes me shiver just thinking about the cold , Cold here too but NOTHING like you have.

  2. Gracias por visitar mi blog, si pudiera les enviaría un poco de calor , aquí estamos padeciendo temperaturas muy altas
    Sus trabajos en oleo son asombrosos, es un placer ver esos caballos tan bien representados que logra trasmitirnos su carácter, buen año