Saturday, January 18, 2014

"The Two of Us"

"The Two of Us" Oil on 11x14 board
Onice  Farm.

A few weeks ago the ponies were moved to different fields so they were all excited with the change but, these two decided to pay us a visit to check out if there might have been a treat. They stayed near by for a while John was able to get a shot as they waited looking a little contemplative, one of their Favourite snacks is black sun flower seeds, apparently very good for them better than carrots or apples. Luckily Wendy one of the owners had something for them. There is nothing sadder than a horse waiting for a treat!

P.S.  Treats for horses:   always ask an owner if you can give a treat  We were told that black sun flower seeds are good for the horses hair and they enjoy them a lot.


  1. Lovely painting of these fine horses. They always look a bit sad to me these icelandic ponies. You certainly got the look of cold and winter into the painting somehow.