Saturday, April 19, 2014

"Erling, an Icelandic pony"

"Erling" oil on 11x14 board
Kai-Liis is an Artist with a love of animals special ones she is the proud owner of Erling and Birker Icelandic ponies and a donkey for company called Casper.  Her boys are housed at the moment in their winter quarters at Onice.
Erling and Birkir came from Iceland together at the ages of 5 &6, & they've always been at the same stable (owned by 2 artists!).  So now they're together at my farm, with mini-donkey Casper.  Birkir is the talkative one, when he sees me approaching with a carrot.  Erling will look, then stand back & wait.  He's a bit more feisty than Birkir, but they're both in their twenties now, but you wouldn't know it! Erling used to be shown & compete - & I gather he did pretty well. I have a couple of lovely photos of him tolting!"  Kai-Liis

Kai-Lee is an artist and her work can be seen here:

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