Saturday, April 12, 2014

"Hope" the Spotted Draft Horse

"Hope" oil on 11x14 board

Her rider Marie Beard tells us " Hope or Faring Farm Hope...her registered name. Was born and bred in Indiana. and is owned by Donna  and Robert Stock of Alymer Ont. She had a foal by her side and they bought them both home. Then they discovered she was in fill again as the stud had gotten loose before they brought her home. 

Hope began to loose weight...they pulled her foal off of her early but she still continued to loose weight no matter all their efforts and endless food. 

It was then discovered she had a massive sinus infection. The only choice was to save her(4 years old) and risk looking her foal. 

She foaled 20 days early but the foal lived for a few hours and then passed. I don't think she was ever really gotten over that.

I came to ride her about 5 years ago...after the birth of my first son.  i was nervous and much confidence was gone. So Donna and Robert offered Hope up for me to ride. The instant trust and connection was obvious. And I was eager to show how wonderful she was and is to everyone..

So I could not wait to go to Canam with her! This mare owns a special piece of my heart, and she is now 16 years old!"

"Hope" is a "Spotted Draft Horse" and she was a joy to paint, she is a very special creature, and we enjoyed Marie and Hope performing at the Can Am.

Hope & Marie at the Can Am in Orangeville in March

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