Sunday, March 30, 2014

"Flour Child"

"Flour Child" oil on 11x14 board

A floury bake day!     

This photo is on display in Sheena's Kitchen, a cafe in Schomberg. Sometime ago Sheena went to Scotland her country of Origin to meet her relatives. I don't know the whole story,but, the photo is to me a classic of a little girl trying hard to copy Mum.

I don't think many mothers today would let her kitchen be taken over by her little one. The abundance of flour and her look of concentration on her face you can tell she's another world of play and taking it seriously. The wooden spoon is almost as big as she is!

At first painting the picture was more than a little crazy I had so many strong colours to compete with. I was concerned painting wet on wet as the picture started to come through I felt more confident and I hope captured her moment of joy.

I think She has a lot of Sheena's knowledge and will become a great pastry and cake maker to carry on a tradition as Sheena says "you have to be consistent, baking is something special'!

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  1. I love this painting. It reminds me of my grandaughters who when they were tiny about 5 and 7 thought it was great fun having Nanny show them how to make Chocolate chip cookies. They remember only from it the clouds of white flour everywhere!!
    Yes I bet it was a difficult painting to do but a lovely keepsake for Sheena,