Sunday, March 9, 2014

Art in the Changing Hour

Experiment On A Sunny Sunday.
As we seem to be in a bit of a dream, we decided to use knives, not cooking, but pallet knives and chose Lilac thinking of Spring.
Duelling easels 8x8 oil on board and plenty of it! can you tell who's is whose??
It was fun just trying to make it look like it's easy and flowing trying hard  to make  the picture look like flowers but sort of abstract affect..

But that is not all the experimenting, for later we are roasting a piece of Beef in the Turbo oven.

For sure we will be so worn out we will not feel the effect of the hour change!

1 comment:

  1. Now this is REAL painting. Both exceptional paintings and I bet you had heaps of fun doing it as well. I bet Barb did the lilac one and John did the other but they make a great pair together.( as you both do)