Monday, March 3, 2014

"Lady in White"

"Kria" oil on 11x14 boaed
Lady in white.

This young lady is in training getting ready for Spring and the warm weather, after this winter I think even Iceland ponies are looking forward to some warmth from the sun.

Her name is Kria and she has the most magnificent white mane, it's amazing how many colours there are in these horses at Onice Farm. I think it was her mane that attracted us to photo. she seemed to stand out in the crowd.

Unfortunately we missed out on a clinic run by Sydney the daughter and trainer she introduced some of the ponies for riding it was a first time for each rider to ride an iceland pony and get to know each other. I think it must have been busy for Sydney and a lot of fun   needing plenty of energy!

Here's to a Great Season guys.

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  1. I love your horse photos. This one is sure an unusual looking horse.