Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Loose Tulips!

Tulips, oil on 8x10 board

Warning step back  when looking at this picture! Squinting is Better!
Another week of freezing cold temperatures ! I didn't realize how much I missed colour ! I did have a lovely pot of Azaleas bright pinky red which are sort of struggling to keep going, they were good to look at and cheered up the Parlour a lot.

But somehow I didn't think about painting them, looking through photo's I found some tulips a small crowd of them different colours, they looked bright and cheery I used 8 x 10 board and got down to painting in a loose style, trying to see the different colours in each one, my suggestion is not to look at it too close as the subject looks all over the place. 
I just had fun with a lot of paint on the pallet to see how it turned out! and here it is,
It took about a couple of hours. I guess you could say it looked like I was going to catch a train and had to finish it in a hurry!
Hey it's all  good practice.


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  1. I think it's lovely. I love the feeling of it and the colors. Very spring like.