Thursday, February 13, 2014

"Little M"

"Little M" oil on 8x8 board
Little 'M'

Lisa my daughter had this young lady over to make cookies a week or two ago. It seems she is full of energy and very inquisitive.  I believe there was a moment or two while at the counter top she was fascinated with spoon in hand quite happy helping scoop out and make a cookie all by herself that gave Lisa the opportunity to get a snap shot, before she took off looking for lipstick !!
A proper little Diva!

I had to try a small 8x8 board, not used to children's faces it was more difficult than I thought along with so many reflections around from dark to light, a really good challenge leaving me with the idea of working on another portrait soon.  It is good practice and great to keep going on indoor activities in this weather !

Thank you Lisa


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  1. Cute little girl. I find portraits really hard. The skin tones are the difficult part but you have done really well.