Sunday, February 2, 2014

Experimental City Scape

City Scape oil on 8x10 board
Experiment.  8 x10 oil board.

Cityscape from a photo in the Toronto Star.

Catherine Jeffrey Post Cards from the Hammer.

does incredible night time shots of Toronto, I love the colours and twinkling lights she can produce the figures small and life like but you get a great feeling of city people going home  after a hard days work ,shadows and light almost abstract just love them.

So my curiosity was peeked and  decided to have a 'Go' well here it is, not too many titters behind the hands please, you realize as always you have bitten off more than you can chew! just wanted to try my patience and think at least it is a Study and worth while trying.

Would love to know how her eyes stand up to all those twinkling lights from cars and big buildings !
I think of I try again I will go Big or go home!

Back to practice horses legs me thinks !

Comments welcome.


  1. No! N0! do not go back to horses legs only.
    This is REALLY good. I love it. You have captured the feeling of life in the city so well that I can almost feel it and hear the noise of the cars.
    Super job

  2. Hi Babs
    Thanks for the mention on your blog.Yes my eyes are suffering a little from all that squinting at sparkly lights. I am also having a tough time trying to produce large paintings for an upcoming show. I can't wait to get back to something smaller. This is fantastic for a first try at city scenes. I really want to try doing horses your animals. They are great.