Sunday, February 23, 2014

A "Stone Barn"

"Stone Barn" Oil on 8x10 board
A unique Stone Barn in Norland Ont

The Stephens Family were the original owners of this unique barn, two feet walls all built of rock and stone in the early 1930's Ed Valentine a stone mason built it. It is indestructible, an earth quake in 1930 failed to dislodge even one stone.
I believe it is one of a kind and a piece of history still looking strong and solid.
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I really like the idea of painting landscapes but I find them a little tricky especially with perspective. making buildings look authentic. The colour of the stone and the history of this barn was important to give it justice on a 8 x 10 board. It was a little awkward to get it looking right, windows and doors are so tiny, but over all I did my best, I need a couple more practice pieces!
I enjoyed the picture enough to take a chance and have it on the Blog.

Photo by daughter Lisa. thank you for sharing.   Mum.

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  1. This was a good attempt. I find buildings hard to do as well. I like the overall colors and getting all those windows in the right place and square to each other was hard I bet.