Friday, February 21, 2014

Portrait ; "Rachell at 18"

Rachell, Oil on 8x8 board
Rachell at 18

I have tried before to paint my Grand daughter a couple of times and failed ! This time I was more determined . I used a photo from Facebook she is taking a photography course at College. One of her fellow students took the shot.

Being on a dark background can make painting difficult but decided I would be bold! and paint an 8 x 8 hoping I had improved since last time painting., wet on wet and then blending is something I have to work on making sure to look for all the nuances of colours look as right as I could get them.

Every picture tells a story! I am sure there are a lot of corrections to the eye of a pro portrait painter being self taught seems to make things harder but determination pushes me along all the time and with masses of encouragement from John and the family.
Will keep trying.
Thanks Boss and co.,

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  1. I think it is a good painting. I think portraits of people especially ones you know are quite difficult as they never seem to be just right. I keep trying as well and always think can do better. There are some really good youtubes on portrait painting. Keep at it you are almost there.