Sunday, March 16, 2014

Zeloso at Winsong Farm

 Zeloso  is close a relative to Zelador
This is a study of Zeloso 8x10 oil on board. He had been having his daily training in the Arena with Bill. He looks slightly startled due to me standing to the side near him, I quite liked his look although surprised to see me he looked amazing with big eyes and his ears up made me laugh a little.

I find white horses take on reflections all around them with the windows in the background slightly purple it was reflected on to him quite clearly, he was standing in the Arena and looking out so his face picked up the yellow tinge which made him quite colourful.

 He is a bit younger than Zelador and full of energy.


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  1. Your horse paintings are getting better and better I think. I like the look on his face and it is so different than the calm look you usually get on the horse faces.