Wednesday, May 7, 2014

"December Dusk"

"December dusk" oil on 14 x 18 canvas
First painting I've done in ages, due to multiple repairs around the house, but hopefully I can get stuck in again.
This is from a photo taken just north of Nobleton  on the 15th line just east of the 8th, we had just left a clinic at Winsong Farm and this quiet view was on display.

Now ready to do a couple of commissions of a steam train and then a huge one of horses and riders, but the grass needs cutting first!



  1. This is lovely calm scene John of Canadian winter at it's best.I like the composition very much > Glad you are getting to paint again. The grass ALWAYS needs cutting!!

  2. Beautiful subtle serene scene. The touches of yellow in the sky and roof really add a lot to the scene.