Saturday, May 10, 2014

"Orgulhoso" has Passed

Orgulhoso with owner Frank Grelo 

We just received this sad news:
"Dear friends,

Unfortunately I have some sad news to share. Our Orgulhoso unexpectedly died this morning. I know how much of a shock this is as I haven't even processed it myself. He was being his usual, war horse self and my dad had to work him before passing him off to Taylor as he was particularly ornery. After a near attempt at showing the other horses in the arena he was still the boss of the barn (you can just guess what that looked like ;) he took a sudden fall with Taylor on his back and passed shortly after from, what my dad suspects, was a heart attack.

It is the end of another era losing Corsario and Orgulhoso so close together. Thankfully Orgulhoso has passed on his ever strong genetics to many of his offspring and we're lucky to have a few of them in reproductive standing. The loss is what we sign up for along with all the joy when we choose relationships with these majestic beasts. We will surely miss the brute.

Most tenderly,

I had just finished a commissioned painting of him for a good friend Rachel Corbett. Orgulhoso was also the sire of two of the horses at Winsong farm: Zelador and Zeloso


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