Friday, January 7, 2011

It's a Dog's (or Cat's) Life


'Then & Now" is the title of our blog, a way of reflecting on how life  was when we were younger compared to now, but recent experience has shown us that things can change very rapidly in just a few weeks.
"Then" at the end of October, we had a wonderful 9 year old dog and three 14 year old cats.
The routine of life had been set over the last several years: up in the morning feed the demanding cats, let the dog out for some quick relief and then a biscuit to keep him occupied while the cats devoured their bits. Quick coffees for us and then a walk round the village with a sniffing, alert and friendly canine, back to the house for breakfast and a rest.
Squawk at the top,
 Phebe in the middle,
Tiger at the bottom
Early afternoon off out again through the local park and then back for the second feeding, meanwhile the cats, in peace, could eat.
7:30, cats to the basement then out once again with Dudley (the dog) for a quick  walk and sniff then back home for a pet and off to bed he went.
Then in early November, in the course of three days, Dudley came down with kidney failure and died.
That evening I still did the walk, the following day we did the Morning walk and the evening walk. Suddenly a routine had gone and life had to be re-organised, so I started doing the walks but just for me, no stopping to sniff garbage cans and pee on trees now I could walk me!
Then one of the cats became Ill over Christmas and on December 27 he passed away just as his brother started to show similar symptoms then just this Monday off to the vets and Tiger left us.
So that was "Then",  "Now" all the routine and habits of just 8 weeks ago have totally changed, the house is very quiet.
Good things are happening though we are free to come and go as we wish and when we wish, which is refreshing.
Still miss the morning chaos though!

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