Thursday, January 6, 2011

Time to enjoy.

Always time for  coffee and a scone!
Grateful seems to be a popular word these days that and to meditate!
Easier said than done.
As you get older you certainly learn to appreciate the time you have and the opportunity to enjoy the simple pleasures.
I always thought in my working life that when retirement came along I would lay in bed till at least 10a.m. and muse about the day ahead, turns out it works the other way we are up at 5a.m. waiting for the sun. Our energy level is at it's peak.
We have become creatures of habit, we make it a practice of grocery shopping on Thursday, mainly to give the younger set more space in the Super Stores. I have watched many young Moms looking harassed dashing around the store cell phone in one ear shopping cart and small child in the other going at top speed to get to the check out.
So I am grateful today not to be in their shoes, their hectic life today seems to be compounded with a cell phone that never stops, we have the luxury to have a list and some sanity do the job and come home satisfied and not hopefully spoiling anyones day!


  1. Who made the scones? I could sure use a recipe that works??
    You are right B , I'm glad not to be right in the mainstream of life any more as well.

  2. Hi Shirley, they were yummy,but, not home baked.
    if I find a good recipe I 'll send one one, Lisa has one I believe.