Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pens pencils versus ------ IPad & Computers

A dying craft

Being in my age group I teeter between using a pen and an I Pad. the old way is like the an ancient craft compared to the new technology, these devices don't require to look in a dictionary just touch the screen and up pops the correct spelling, like magic.

The schools we attended had rows of single desks complete with an ink well filled with dark blue ink and we were supplied a wooden handled pen with a nib, (God that does sounds archaic) and  a spanking new writing book. I was always excited opening to the first page dipping the pen into the ink to start a composition thinking to myself this will be the tidiest writing in this class (it never was!) There was a certain standard to be followed and penmanship was judged as part of the mark you got for your work.

Now a days it's very different everything is done at top speed spell check available and not a worry about blotting your copy book or ruining your nib! The only thing that I have been thinking is our grandchildren don't get the time to enjoy the experience to sit back and look at their own thoughts written by their own hand. It is a craft that is dying.
OMG a learning curve here,,, LOL

Learning a new craft as I write with my I Pad, I have yet to learn the new spelling format of shortening the words such as L O L OMG etc is there a spell check?

I'm not complaining about the new way of communicating, it helps me  to keep in touch with folks back in U.K. on almost an every day basis if required, but, I still miss an envelope in the mail that isn't a bill to pay or a bundle of advertising you don't need.

The old  habits die hard though I still keep a journal and use a ball point pen, and  even though I have a collection of fountain pens, I have no Ink, I'll have to correct that….
 L O L.

Any opinions out there?


  1. I think its the communication that's important, not what tools it takes to do it. I had to teach Handwriting/penmanship and some kids really suffered trying to do it. Still I think most of them ended up as Doctors anyhow!

  2. What better training for Doctors than to suffer!